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Amateur girls challenge balloons division championship with friends! If you divide the number of balloons decided within the time limit you get a big prize money! First round is private clothes! In the second round challenge in the swimming suit in the lotion pool! ! Let's become slimy in the lotion pool and the difficulty level is upgraded to the balloon division championship! What? It is difficult to challenge to join the body with a slimy gourmanded lotion covered and break the balloon! ! An amateur girl who two sexs together with a penalty game in punishment games will become slimy too! !

素人娘が友達同士で風船割り選手権に挑戦!制限時間内に決められた数の風船を割ると高額賞金ゲット!1回戦は私服!2回戦は水着姿でローションプールの中で挑戦!!ローションプールでぬるぬるになり風船割り選手権に難易度もアップ!?ぬるぬるてかてかのローションまみれで体をくっ付け合い風船を割るもチャレンジ失敗!!罰ゲームで2人一緒に4Pセックスする素人娘はアソコもぬるぬるになってしまう!! by Javfinder