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Reiko and Shunsuke living happily married while living together. Shino, the servant, has a thought on Shunsuke from before Reiko's marriage, and makes Reiko embrace her gardener's Sanada to break her husband and wife. For the first time a man was forced to push, rebellious Reiko just rocked.

見合い結婚ながら幸せに暮らす麗子と俊介。使用人の志乃は、麗子が嫁ぐ前から俊介に思いを寄せており、夫婦仲を壊そうと庭師の真田に麗子を抱かせる。はじめて男から強引に迫られ、うぶな麗子はただ動揺するばかりだった。 by Javfinder