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In the 5th year of marriage, there is no problem between married couple and couples living occasionally is a normal couple. Rape at home happened suddenly at the wife who was living such a calm daily life! As soon as her husband goes out, someone gets into the room and fucks his wife and insults !! Pleasure mixed with fear My wife's anguish that I do not know why and can not tell my husband .... And the days of repeated rape, the appearance of a wife who falls into the pleasure born from it. One day the wife unconsciously began to feel pleasure!

結婚5年目、夫婦間は問題なく夫婦生活もたまにはあるごく普通の夫婦。そんな平穏な日々の生活を送っていた妻にある日突然起こった家庭内でのレイプ!!夫が出掛けた途端何者かが部屋に入り込み妻を犯し凌辱していく!!恐怖と入り混じる快感に理由も分からず、夫にも言えない妻の苦悩…。そして繰り返されるレイプの日々、そこから生まれる快楽に堕ちていく妻の姿…。いつしか妻は無意識に快楽を感じ始めていた!? by Javfinder