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The 4th popular series! This time a hot-spring trip heading for a couple with children who go to the same elementary school or senior couple of the company. A man who is thrilled to be unprotected by his wife who is excited by another's wife secretly tried to show but was witnessed ... he thought that he could get angry and said he was happy to be excited myself · Man's erection J Hands reached out to handjob, blowjobs and SEX!

人気シリーズ第4弾!今回は会社の先輩夫婦や同じ小学校に通う子どもがいる夫婦などが向かう温泉旅行。無防備に胸チラをする他人の妻に興奮してしまう男はこっそりせんずりをしようとするが目撃されてしまい…怒られるかと思いきや自分で興奮してくれたのがうれしいと男の勃起チ○ポに手を伸ばし手コキ、フェラそしてSEXまで! by Javfinder