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I met him at work at the workshop and married. Reliable relationship with each other, it is also good as a couple. One day, when I returned home, I decided to open an alumni association, leaving Sho to take care of my father. If Mr. Sho who is bothered me, she will get along with that stiff father.

翔先輩とは職場で出会い、結婚した。互いに信頼出来る関係で、夫婦としても良好である。ある日、帰省した際、同窓会を開くことになり、親父の面倒を翔さんに任せた。面倒見のいい翔さんなら、あの堅苦しい親父と仲良くやってくれるはずだ。 by Javfinder