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A beautiful girl Makana who was born and raised in Hawaii for happiness, currently living in Japan as an international student living in her grandmother's house. Actually, she is a proactive girl who wants herself to appear in the audience though she is a girl with a seemingly quiet impression. Such a girl debuts with a dazzling youth full of sunburn Debut sex is preeminent tension! Crouching on the Sumigi body while crouching with etch!

幸せの島ハワイで生まれ育ち、現在留学生として日本に在中し祖母宅で暮らす美少女マカナちゃん。一見おとなしそうな印象の彼女ですが自らAV出演を希望するなど実は積極的な女の子。そんな彼女は日焼けあとがまぶしい若さ溢れる裸体でデビューセックスは緊張感抜群!そんが美ボディを仰け反らせながらエッチで絶頂しちゃいます! by Javfinder