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A married woman is hooked to a dating system seeking stimulation, repeating adultery SEX with a man she met. The husband I noticed can not close down to the bride and write a consultation on the adultery board, a reply from the net people who sympathized with "a wife, that's a guy?" And a movie file. During the daytime on weekdays the bride was dignified SEX at dressing man and couple's bed. Once the married woman who was addicted to adultery sex escalated without stopping, he repeated a nasty infidelity.

人妻は刺激を求めて出会い系にハマり、出会った男との不倫SEXを繰り返す。気付いている夫は、嫁に詰め寄ることが出来ず、不倫掲示板に相談の書き込みをすると、同情したネット民からの返信「その嫁、こいつじゃね?」という書き込みと動画ファイル。平日昼間に嫁は出会い系男と夫婦のベッドで堂々と不倫SEXしていた。一度不倫SEXにハマッた人妻の暴走は止まらずエスカレートし、淫らな不貞を繰り返すのだった。 by Javfinder