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What is the most exciting thing in the world ...? It is a figure that a wife loves more than a heart is penetrated by a penis of a man other than himself! Two couples exchange husband and wife to exchange their partners and enjoy sexual intercourse. It is impossible for a couple's relationship, but the extreme of sexual acts! Visualize the forbidden thrill and eros here! Please please enjoy everyone.

この世で一番興奮するものとは何か…?それは、心より愛する妻が自分以外の男のペニスに貫かれている姿!二組の夫婦が、互いのパートナーを交換し性交を楽しむ夫婦交換。並大抵の夫婦関係では成り立たない、性愛行為の極致!その禁断のスリルとエロスをここに映像化!どうぞ皆様、ご堪能下さい。 by Javfinder