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Five amateur girls challenge your tug of war with you! Get a high prize money if you can take a rope from Ji Po with a tug-of-war with an erection Ji-Po! Losing the amateur girl if you connect the rope to the pants and the pants get out! While despite panicking, desperately trying to pull away the guyugui rope so as not to get out! The second round also brings up the difficulty level and embarrassment! Tie the rope to the vibrant inserted in your game! I will pull yourself up and pull the guy guitar But the vibe comes off completely and the punishment game decision! Insert the erectile heart on behalf of the vibe!

素人娘5人がおま○こ綱引きに挑戦!勃起チ○ポと綱引き勝負をしてチ○ポから綱が取れたら高額賞金ゲット!パンツに綱を結んでパンツが脱げたら素人娘の負け!パンチラしつつも脱げないように必死でグイグイ綱を引きまくる!2回戦は難易度も恥ずかしさもアップ!おま○こに挿れたバイブに綱を結んで勝負!おま○こを締めてグイグイ引っ張るもバイブがすっぽり抜けちゃって罰ゲーム決定!バイブに代わって勃起チ○ポを挿入する! by Javfinder