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"What kind of thing do you do with girls?" This time I will try to aim for a superbly-sold model Saya Haya, a new landscape ... challenge things I have not done yet! There is a rush combination of a swim suit and a swim suit for a gay make-up that you do not usually do! Indeed Sasa Haya, her girlfriend 's make - up swimsuit is also super cute & super good feeling! Of course boasts more power as well as boasting ass! 140 minutes full of packed smile and cum scene of Saya Haya's pretty erotic cute everyday! stay tuned!

「ギャルってどういうことをするんですか?」今回は超売れっ子モデルの佐々波綾ちゃんに新境地を目指しましょうと…未だやっていない事にチャレンジ!普段はしないギャルなメイクに競泳水着というまさかの組み合わせが爆誕!しかもさすが佐々波綾ちゃん、ギャルなメイクも競泳水着姿も超かわいい&超いい感じ!自慢のお尻ももちろんパワー増し増し!いつも以上にエロかわいい佐々波綾ちゃんの笑顔と絶頂シーンが満載の140分!乞うご期待! by Javfinder