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Fitch exclusive debut for the rookie Rika Rika! She started her underwear model since college but she is currently engaged but his work is busy and frustrating. And it is proportional to the fact that her body is becoming glamorous, inviting surrounding invitation and sexual harassment has increased. Under such circumstances, I noticed myself that it was not easy to be seen as a subject of gender, that I applied for AV shoot this time. Somewhat like actress Hiroyuki Ryoko looks like a dirty and obscene body is too erotic!

Fitchイチオシ新人・音海里奈が専属デビュー!大学時代から下着モデルを始めた彼女は現在婚約中ですが彼の仕事が忙しく欲求不満ぎみ。そして彼女の身体がグラマラスになってきたのと比例し、周囲からの誘いやセクハラが増えてきたんだとか。そんな状況の中、性の対象として見られる事がイヤじゃない自分に気付き、今回AVの撮影に応募したという事です。どことなく女優の広○涼子に似た面持ちと卑猥なカラダがエロ過ぎる! by Javfinder