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RIRIKO 37 years old, eight years of marriage, no child. "I do not want to forget that she is still a woman ..." Employment at a company that makes game software that I loved. I married after having lived co-work with a colleague of a company three years older than a couple of years. Because my cohabiting life was long and my husband's work was busy, I had sexless less than three years ago. There is almost no conversation at home, and her husband is almost a communal living person. I went out to a resort journey with a strange man, wanting to get out of today's inexperienced life.

るりこ三十七歳、結婚八年目、子供無し。「まだまだ女である事を忘れたくない…。」大好きだったゲームソフトを作る会社に就職。三歳年上の会社の同僚と五年間の同棲を経て結婚。同棲生活が長かった事や、夫の仕事が忙しい為三年程前よりセックスレス。家で会話も殆ど無く、夫はほぼ共同生活者と云う存在。今の味気ない生活から抜け出したいと、見知らぬ男性とリゾート旅に出た。 by Javfinder