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Director: Kawajiri Series: Mother who absolutely submits to the command of a hikikomori son Manufacturer: Hunter Label: HHH group Genre: married rape rape cum shot drag 4 hours or more Work sample movie Product code: hunta 452 A sequel to the popular series has appeared! Hikikomori who sought new targets on mother 's remarriage and move and her mother absolutely obedient to the order. The son's command with sexual desire is more extreme! Calling mum friends, opening a tea party, putting sleeping pills as instructed by my son, fucking a mumma sleep sleeping, cum shoot like naturally! When cleaning up or momma friend does not come, cancel your desire by crawling out to your mother! Naturally my sister-in-law of a remarriage partner also makes a sleep and commits! My son's animal desire can not stop

監督: 川尻 シリーズ: ひきこもり息子の命令に絶対服従する母 メーカー: Hunter レーベル: HHHグループ ジャンル: 人妻 強姦 中出し ドラッグ 4時間以上作品 サンプル動画 品番: hunta452 人気シリーズの続編が登場!母親の再婚と引越しを機に新たなターゲットを求めるひきこもり息子とその命令に絶対服従する母。人一倍性欲がある息子の命令は更に過激に!ママ友たちを呼んでティーパーティーを開き息子に指示された通り睡眠薬を入れて眠るママ友を犯しまくり、当然の様に中出し!後始末やママ友がやって来ない時は母親に中出しして欲求解消!再婚相手の連れ子の義姉も当然眠らせて犯す!息子の獣欲は止まらない!

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