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The wife 's mother recently participated in the gathering of the women' s party somehow as a "buckwheat experience" .... Mr. Yoshio who had begun to become a "buckwheat" quite a lot since then said that we would tell our couple also, on weekends, brought me buckwheat to our house .... I grasped a rod-like tool about 4 cm in diameter and grabbed and looked down at a defenseless front-inclined posture. While looking at my mother's valley chilla throbbingly, I ended up holding a feeling of unscrupulous feelings ...!

嫁さんの母親が、先日何やら婦人会の集まりで「そば打ち体験」とやらに参加して来たとかで…。それ以来ずいぶんとその「そば打ち」に凝り始めたお義母さんが、僕達夫婦にも教えて下さると言って、週末に、我が家へとそば粉を持って来て下さったのです…。直径4センチ程の棒状の道具を握りグリグリと無防備な前傾姿勢でそば打ちをする義母の谷間チラなんぞをドキドキと眺めているうちに、僕は段々と不謹慎な感情を抱いてしまい…! by Javfinder