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Income tax Resident 's tax Tax property tax ... Health insurance welfare pension .... Working hard as a good citizen and fulfilling the obligation of paying tax on Majimi I was reunited with a man named Nagano of same town for the first time in 7 years, accidentally happening on the way home from work. I decided to let the resident fall for a while thinking of a depraved junior who is unemployed and living in daily life and whose address is also indeterminate. "After all, I think I'm losing if I work," wow naked unfaithful society namapo you in the world.

所得税住民税固定資産税…健康保険に厚生年金…。善良なる市民としてコツコツ働きマジメに納税の義務を果たすリーマンの俺は、ある日仕事帰りに、偶然たまたま、同郷の後輩ナガノと言う男と7年ぶりに再会した。その日暮らしの無職で住所も不定だと言う堕落した後輩を、俺は良かれと思ってしばらく我が家に居候させてやる事にした。「何かやっぱり、働いたら負けかなとか思うんすよねw」世の中ナメた無職の不正受給ナマポ君を…。 by Javfinder