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It is neither Before nor even. The most important thing is, that 'it is a process to be taken'. A wife with a nice personality and a hard worker in Majima. A youthfully ronin adolescent who continues pouring astray and angry eyes on the ripe female uplifts that his wife is fascinated. FIX angle of full stick. It is neither Before nor even. This is the second bullet of the whole process, the popular "process" series, which is a pretty popular "Namanamama-shika" Yokkuri of men and women "delivered to the utmost limit.

BeforeでもなければAfterでもない。最も重要なのは、その、「ねとられる過程」なのですー。マジメで働き者で優しい性格の妻。その妻が魅せる熟れた女体隆起に、蒼き悶々視線を注ぎ続ける、うら若き浪人青年。全編こだわりのFIXアングル。BeforeでもなければAfterでもない。ナマナマしくもむず痒い「男女のヤリトリ」を、極限にまで活かしでお届けする、前作大好評の「過程」シリーズ、渾身の、第二弾だ。 by Javfinder