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My daughter went up to kindergarten From this spring, my wife started part at the precision equipment factory in the city ... ... Since I was a wife who stayed at home as a child-rearing housewife all the time, I was relieved from the household side, and I thought that it was okay, my husband I was smiling and watching over. However, recently his wife, somehow, part-time colleague saying that he is a part-time job, I ended up having part-time sometime at the end of the part, and sometimes I was chatting with him.

娘が幼稚園に上がったのこの春から、ウチの妻は、市内の精密機器工場でパートを始めまして…。それまでずっと子育て主婦として家にこもっていた妻でしたから、家計的に助かるし、まあ、良かったな、なんて思って、夫の私は、笑って見守ってやっていたのです。ところが最近その妻が、何やら、パート先の同僚だと言うハタチくらいのバイト君を、パート終わりなんかに、たまに我が家へとあがらせては、談笑したりしているご様子で…。 by Javfinder