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Worried that my boyfriend does not come to school, Kaede who came to talk with my best friend's male friend. However, the male friend did not want to ride, such as consultation from Hana, and it was soulful to beat the aphrodisiac and render him Faye .... As for the maple, the body gradually started to burn, and the body was tormented by the nipple, and it fell out of fear, and she showed her a nymphomatism to cover herself with her hands holding herself in front of her eyes.

彼氏が学校に来ないことから心配になり、親友の男友達に相談しに来たかえでちゃん。ところが男友達はハナっから相談など乗る気も無く、媚薬を盛ってかえでちゃんをハメ倒す魂胆だった…。そのかえでちゃんは、次第にカラダが火照り始め乳首を弄られ仰け反るように悶絶し、目の前のチ●ポを自ら咥えてマ●コで蓋をするほどの淫乱ぶりを見せ付ける。 by Javfinder