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Prestige exclusive actress "Yutaka Sakino" is the manager of the land division! Dedicated support for the members who refine to practice! Even if it is a freshman, it does not change that it is a member! Listen carefully to the guidance of the seniors, reach out to the manager 's body, hit the bottom and squash the sperm with everyone! Even outdoors that seems to be eye-catching, special service at full strength if there is a request of the director! A bit embarrassing buttocks and a bit of painful deep throat also serve firmly to see the director's happy face! A manager who takes all responsibility from exercise support to sex processing leads club members to height! !

プレステージ専属女優『乙都 さきの』は陸上部のマネージャー!練習に精を出す部員たちを献身的にサポート!例え新入生であっても部員であることには変わりなし!先輩の指導をよく聞きながらマネージャーのカラダに手を伸ばし、お尻目掛けてみんなで精子をぶっかける!人目につきそうな屋外でも、部長の頼みとあらば全力でスペシャルサービス!ちょっと恥ずかしい尻コキもちょっと苦しいイラマチオも、部長の悦ぶ顔を見るためにしっかりご奉仕!練習のサポートから性処理までを一手に担うマネージャーが、部員たちを高みへ導く!!

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