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セックス I went to a business trip with my new employee OL, and I could not go back to work because of mistakes by men OL, so I decided to stay at a hot spring inn. Men subordinates OL entice us with their own body so that mistakes are not reported to the boss! I managed to endure seduction somehow, but the temptations of men OLs also heat up! ! I finally got touched my boobs, so I did it! !

新人部下OLと出張にでかけ、部下OLたちのミス連発で、帰社することができず、温泉宿に泊まることに。部下OLたちはミスを上司に報告されないように、自らのカラダを使って僕達を誘惑!どうにか誘惑を我慢していたけど、部下OLたちの誘惑もヒートアップ!!ついにはおっぱいを触らせたりするから、やっちゃった!! by Javfinder