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Fujimoto of a college student who is chased every day in late night bytes. His pleasure was to stare into the window from the window opposite the strangely lustrous beauty wife / girls next door. And as usual you are watching the glue .... How she managed to take off all his clothes and clean it in a figure that was not in a single thread. Fujimoto is perplexed with too much insane sight. He can not bear with the nude appearance as if he invited him as a border on that day.

深夜バイトに日々を追われる大学生の藤本。そんな彼の楽しみは、妙に艶のある隣の美人妻・みをりを向かい窓からこっそり覗き見る事だった。そしていつものようにみをりを観察していると…。なんと彼女は服を全て脱ぎ、一糸まとわぬ姿で掃除をしていた。あまりに非常識な光景を目に戸惑う藤本。その日を境にまるで彼を誘うかの如く、全裸姿を見せつけてくるみをりに、彼は我慢できず…。 by Javfinder