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Slurry and extended thin legs, Fcup boobs to jump out of delicate bodies, Japanese for catacombs. My name is Mei Mei, Chinese. I came to Japan by studying abroad five years ago and I am married to an older man I met in Japan when I was a student and I am now. To Japan - China POV communication. As the person said as "Japanese Nosseka original diverse death. Chinese nosexha maintenance keeper", he was ashamed and plentiful sex showing a sensitive and lovely sexual reaction. AV, crossing beyond words and nationality, men and women, bean chinas!

スラリと伸びた細い脚、華奢な体から飛び出すFcupおっぱい、カタコトの日本語。名前はメイメイ、中国人です。5年前に留学で日本にやってきて、学生時代に日本で知り合った年上男性と結婚して現在に至ります。日中ハメ撮りコミュニケーションへ。「日本人ノセックスハ独自デ多様デス。中国人ノセックスハ保守デス」と本人が言うように、敏感でウブな性的反応を見せる恥じらいたっぷりのセックスでした。言葉と国籍を超えて交わるAV、男と女、ハメチャイナ! by Javfinder