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Women who go to the city ◯ Do you become a monitor of new swimwear as raw and become a photography model of the catalog? Talk to them and the girls are stingy. Shooting is going smoothly but is it a mens model? There is somehow Hami out and funny zo? Swimming clothes must be wet after all so that they are covered with lotion and foam! I was being inserted while being touched somewhat! What?

街行く女子◯生に新作水着のモニターになってカタログの撮影モデルになってもらえませんか?と声をかけたら女の子たちはノリノリ。撮影は順調に進むがメンズモデル?が何だかハミ出しているしおかしいゾ?水着はやっぱ濡れなきゃねって事でローションや泡まみれに!何だか触られているうちに挿入されちゃって!? by Javfinder