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"I do not want to crush the shop which I inherited from my mother", and the young lady general who is too beautiful rumored to make a debut in order to rebuild the store with difficulty in management. There is only a female general, but it creates a refined atmosphere, but when SEX starts it is just like a different person. He grew greedy on himself to be comfortable himself, straddled himself on his own, hit his lower back on a woman on top posture, and caught the crowd over and over. The hostess was very strong.

「どうしても母から継いだ店を潰したくない」と巷で噂の美人すぎる若女将が経営難の店を立て直す為にAVデビュー。女将だけあって気品ある雰囲気を醸し出しているが、いざSEXが始まるとまるで別人。気持ちよくなることに貪欲で自ら男の上に跨り、騎乗位で腰を打ち付けては何度も絶頂を迎えた。女主人はたくましかった。 by Javfinder