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Yumi is a school counselor who listens to students' troubles and attends consultations at schools. Pupils who are strongly emotionally interested in gender and become stronger. It seems that a student who has survived the sexual desire which can not be disseminated well often comes to ask you to say "Please tell me how to etch", "Masturbate so please be excited". I will never make such students evil, naturally teach them about etch, or sometimes teach practical skills ... Sometimes any student loves you from the bottom of my heart, is like a guardian of counselors who are enthusiastic and gentle. Because I am riding well on such horny counseling as usual, techniques to excite men are more than just a crowd. If you tell me that you have a nasty flesh, and if you are told that you are saying "more frustrating ... ..." etc. with a spoiled voice, most men would not want to crush the crotch if you want to commit this to mecha Cow. Responding to such Yumi's glitteringness, I will be able to deal with this as much as I can. As usual, I will satisfy you with a professional technique for her who is an awkward student in Ubu.


by Javfinder