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To taste unknown pleasure, to change everyday not to be replaced. "Amano Akira" visits a room. Although I first met the landlord, I will give out the body I began to raise while turning my eyes on expectation. With fingers, with tongue, without mercy by restraint, you are forced to blame. Finally, a honeying pot is penetrated with a meat stick and a thick semen is received at the back. Even though how hard it is to blame, everything turns into pleasure. In order to gain further excitement and pleasure, keep on following the orders of the landlord while raise your voice.

未知の快楽を味わうため、代わり映えしない日常を変化させるため…。『天野 美優』はとある部屋を訪れる。家主には初めて会ったというのに、期待の眼差しを向けながら昂ぶり始めた身体を差し出す。拘束具によって身動きが取れないまま、指で、舌で、容赦なく責め立てられる。ついには潤う蜜壺を肉棒で貫かれ、濃厚な精液を最奥で受け止める。どんなに激しい責め苦でもすべては快感へと変貌。更なる興奮と悦びを得るため、嬌声を上げながら家主の命令に従い続ける…。 by Javfinder