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Yuuta of a college student who was looking for a property to move to the neighborhood of the school. This old apartment that came to the seventh issue is also somewhat sunny but room was small and there was no decisive factor. However, the stare of Yuta who looked out of the window suddenly became nailed. From the window I could see a beautiful wife, Ao, cleaning the room with unguarded room wearing all over the room. And it decided the room with a prompt decision, and Yuta looked at Ao, it became a daily routine. No way, I do not think that I can have a really hooked relationship with that Ao.

学校の近所に引っ越そうと物件を探していた大学生の雄太。7件目にきたこの古いマンションも、日当たりこそまあまあだが部屋は狭く決め手はなかった。しかし、ふと窓の外を見た雄太の視線が釘付けになる。窓からは向かい部屋が丸見えで無防備に部屋着で掃除をする美しい人妻・碧が見えたのだ。そして、即決で部屋を決め、雄太は碧を覗き見るのが日課となった。まさか、その碧と実際に淫らな関係を持てるなんて思いもせず…。 by Javfinder