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A company built by two people because the husband preceded the accident was in danger of survival. Mr. Morishita, president of the investment company, appeared in the husband there and was committed in front of the husband 's portrait while resisting seeking me as a return for taking over the debts. Everyday I come as everyday Morishita san seems like an endless nightmare, my heart broke down and crumpled. Forty-nine days when such days have continued, my body has started asking for cum 

夫が事故で先立ったことで二人で築き上げた会社は存続の危機に陥っていました。そこへ夫の友人で出資会社社長の森下さんが現れ、負債を肩代わりする見返りとして私を求め抵抗する間も無く夫の遺影の前で犯されました。その後も毎日のようにやってくる森下さんに犯される日々は、終わりのない悪夢のようで私の心は音を立てて崩れ堕ちていきました。そんな日々が続き迎えた四十九日、私の身体は絶頂を求め始めて…。 by Javfinder