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My father, my biggest father, passed away suddenly and my husband became president as a successor. It's a wife's spotter stinging heart that hurts my heart when I suffer from pressure. At such time, secretary · Saito told her husband made a serious mistake. He invited me to exchange conditions with Shiori who asks for help. To help her dear husband, Shigeri handed out his body while trembling with embarrassment. Although it is a bookmarker to tell myself to herself for her husband, the body unconsciously went back to seek his caress ..

大企業のトップだった義父が亡くなり突然、後継ぎとして社長になってしまった夫。プレッシャーに苦しむ姿を見て心を痛める妻の栞菜だが…。そんな時、秘書・斉藤から夫が重大なミスを犯したと告げられる。助けを乞う栞菜に彼は交換条件を持ちかけてきて…。愛する夫を助ける為、と恥ずかしさに震えながら栞菜は身体を差し出すのだった。夫の為と自分に言い聞かせる栞菜だが、身体は彼の愛撫を求めて無意識に腰を振ってしまい…。 by Javfinder