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I quit my job and my husband is drinking and gambling. The workplace that the wife 's west lost at last, that the rent can not be paid in this way was a coffee shop. However, manager Yoshimura embraces her innocence and has a proposal subject to salary up .... After that, Yoshimura played her out with no doubts as to whether the customer was there, and formed a physical relationship. Everyday when persistent sexual harassment continues, but as it becomes everyday, her body is sensitively developed 

仕事を辞めて、酒とギャンブル三昧の夫。このままでは家賃も払えない、と途方に暮れる妻のそらがようやく見つけた職場は喫茶店だった。しかし店長の吉村は彼女に良からぬ下心を抱いており、給料アップを条件にある提案を…。その後、吉村は客がいようとお構いなしに彼女を弄び、肉体関係を結ぶのだった。執拗なセクハラが続く日々、だがそれが日常になると、いつの間にか彼女の肉体は敏感に開発されていき…。 by Javfinder