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Makihide had promised to go to an amusement park with his family. However, I was informed that I would like to meet from Sefure the day before tomorrow. It was Makihide who weighed the family and SEX, but inspired by her husband 's word "I can only do it now ...", I lied to my family and took precedence over time with sefure. After confirming the appearance that her husband and son are going out, Maki guests called for a refuge and welcomed him at home. The two of them repeatedly overlapped their bodies as many times as they wanted until the last minute the family came home.

家族で遊園地へ出かける約束をしていた牧英。しかし、その前日にセフレから明日会いたいと連絡があった。家族とSEXを天秤にかける牧英だったが夫の発した「今しか出来ない…」という言葉に触発されて、家族に嘘をつきセフレとの時間を優先するのだった。牧英は夫と息子が出かける姿を確認した後セフレを呼び、自宅に迎え入れた。二人は家族が帰宅するギリギリの時間まで、欲望のままに何度も身体を重ね合って…。 by Javfinder