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Wife Yuma Kuna who was supposed to be transferred to the house of his father in due to her husband being unmarried because of loneliness without her husband and sexual desire not to be satisfied, will suffer an affair with part time colleagues ... From his son to his wife The father in law who was asked to watch the acts of infidelity knew the act of infidelity, and began sexual acts against his son 's daughter' s wife. 夫が単身赴任をすることになり義父の家に居候することになった妻・由愛可奈は夫のいない寂しさと満たされない性欲のため、パート先の同僚と不倫をしてしまう…息子から妻を監視するよう依頼を受けていた義父はその不貞行為を知り、息子の嫁に対し性的行為をするようになるのであった。

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