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[Solitary authentic drama work] Nishimiya Komi 'Let's bite up' ban! I lost my parents and was taken over by my uncle 'Konomi', but my relatives got annoyed and my house was driven out. Her lesson teacher took over her losing her destination, but what I was waiting for was the days of training that I could paint on the man's desire .... The body is tied up and casually unpunctured ... The girl's heart gets crazy and stains in the pleasure of 'rope' on days of compulsory detention training.

【無垢本格ドラマ作品】西宮このみ‘麻縄緊縛’解禁!両親を失い、伯父に引き取られた‘このみ’だったが、親戚から厄介がられ家を追い出されてしまうことに。行き先を失った彼女を、担任教師が引き取ってくれることになったのだが…待っていたのは、男の欲望に塗れた調教の日々だった…。身体を縛られ、抵抗できずに中出しされ…言いなりの監禁調教の日々に少女の心は狂い出し‘縄’の快感に染まっていく…。 by Javfinder