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Whenever I see the appearance of exhausted [Ayuri], "I want to heal in place of my son" Such feelings were recruited day by day. "I do not want to lose Ayuri" When I thought so, I came to see Ayuri as a single woman .... The feeling of excretion warmth every time you twist your tongue! Continuous incontinence of the bride by her mother-in-law's lesbian training! A rich scatrolly work that loves each other with feces.

疲れ果てている【あゆりさん】の姿を見る度、「息子の代わりに癒してあげたい」そんな気持ちが日に日に募っていました。「あゆりさんを失いたくない」そう思った時、私は【あゆりさん】を一人の女として見るようになったのです…。舌を絡め合う度に感じる排泄物の温もり!義母のレズスカ調教に嫁が連続失禁!糞塗れで愛し合う濃厚なスカトロレズ作品。 by Javfinder