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Prestige exclusive actress "Fujie Fumiho" appears in the popular series "New Absolute Bishoujo, I will lend you!" Delivery of a beautiful girl who works on AVI acting as an AV actress more than the main job to an amateur's man's house! There is a margin even for the first time meeting! Bring your heart close with a light talk caring about your opponent, watching with a dronous slender body While watching amateur men! Before Gyoba is full of shyness and pleasure, pleasure is pleasant, if it is inserted a big explosion while scattering the tide! In the magic piston of an amateur male who gave a splendid gap, forget me and cum! Show yourself to the second one! What? Premium girl who is covered with elongation releases limiter

プレステージ専属女優『藤江 史帆』が人気シリーズ「新・絶対的美少女、お貸しします。」に登場!AV女優のお仕事を本業よりもマジメに取り組む美少女を素人男性宅にデリバリー!初対面でも余裕あり!相手を気遣う軽妙トークで心を近づけ、ドエロなスレンダーボディで見る見るうちに素人男性を虜に!前戯中は恥じらいたっぷりで刺激を悦び、挿入されれば潮を吹き散らしながら大爆発!見事なまでのギャップに萌えた素人男性のマジピストンで、我を忘れて絶頂へ!2本目にして本領発揮!?伸びしろまみれな清純派美少女がリミッター解除!!

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