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AV actress "Yano Tsubasa". A loving looking face with inheritance. Beautiful bare skin transparent and white. Perfect body weave with soft bust and hip trained. In the world of AV I will unravel the 'real' of a beautiful young girl who regresses its genius of genius. Leotard flourishes with a sensuous body and sailor suit combining intellect and eros. The limb which gives off an obscene scent trembles with shame and pleasure, and reaches the culm, it brings out further eros! Real document that we spin in cosplay and cosplay connected! Look at the form of a beautiful girl who is undoubtedly fascinated with an obsessive body! !

AV女優『八乃 つばさ』。あどけなさの残る愛くるしい顔立ち。白く透き通った美しい素肌。柔らかなバストと鍛え上げられたヒップが織り成すパーフェクトボディ。AVという世界で天賦の才を遺憾なく発揮する美少女の‘リアル’を紐解いていく。肉感的なカラダが栄えるレオタードや、知性とエロスを兼ね備えたセーラー服。淫猥な香りを放つ肢体は恥じらいと快感によって震え上がり、絶頂に達することでさらなるエロスを醸し出す!コスプレで繋がりコスプレで紡ぐリアルドキュメント!淫美なカラダを惜しげもなく魅せつける美少女の姿を見よ!!

by Javfinder