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The child of sex will say this girl. Her face shyly answered "I love sex ..." had a look that was expanding her expectations for what it would start from now. I wonder how many girls can tell the first person to meet when I am 19 when I like sex. Ordinary girls are shy and I can not say such a thing. But she said. It certainly said to me. That word inspired my excitement over any kind of play. At that point I think that my reason was already blown away, the memory from that was ambiguous. I will pretend to be cool and listen carefully to her personality. To love sex, to have less experience, to experience first-time experience, to do masturbation like everyday to want sex. She told such a shameful thing nakedly She became more and more a woman's face. My reason why I looked at such expression completely collapsed. I urged greedy immature fruits called the 19 year old body. She felt as though she felt relaxed. And they started talking as if they were talking to their boyfriend. I felt that it was very cute, "I'm getting into a mouth," I told you to be crowded. Of course she did not intend to blame but from there she said "It feels good ...

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