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I talk to Hakihaki brightly, the Kansai dialect, which occasionally comes out, is cute. Female fraternity seems to be frustrating since he broke up with him in company love affair S seems to have been full of sexuality and seems to have done a little hard sex such as restraint playing and spanking, so I'm convinced that masturbation alone will not do so W wow things And while listening to something old, I talked gently, one pants! An actor of battle posture appeared. Chika that shows a calm state while laughing. As expected it is an adult. Afterwards enjoy with two people

「興味があって普段から結構AVみるんですよね~ドM系のやつ。」と話すのはスラっとしたモデル体型で綺麗な顔立ちのちかさん。明るくハキハキと話し、たまに出る関西弁が可愛い。社内恋愛の彼と別れてから欲求不満らしいw元カレはSっけ満々で拘束プレイやスパンキングなど少々ハードなセックスをしていたようで、そうなるとオナニーだけじゃ物たりないという気持ちも納得ですwいろいろと昔の経験なんかも聞きながら和やかに話しをしていると、パンツ一丁!戦闘態勢の男優が登場。笑いながらも落ち着いた様子をみせるちかさん。さすが大人ですね。あとは2人で楽しんで by Javfinder