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Work is a cafe clerk ♪ Talking slowly with a calm tone She has a strange aura somewhere. Speaking of cafe staff, I think that it is fashionable and there are many encounters, there are no encounters at all at girls' shops. Therefore, he does not have a boyfriend, he seems to feel lonely soon ♪ The first time he is a senior in high school. It was painful and it hurts and it can not be helped, he said that he did not know what Kore is good

今回応募してきた女性は「エリナ」さん24歳。お仕事はカフェ店員♪ゆっくりと落ち着いたトーンで話す彼女は、どこか不思議なオーラを持っている。カフェの店員といえば、お洒落だし出会いも多いのではと思いきや、女の子ばかり来店するお店で全く出会いはないという。その為、彼氏はおらず、そろそろ寂しさを感じているそうです♪初エッチは高校1年生の時。痛くて痛くて仕方がなく、コレの何がいいのか分からなかったという by Javfinder