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A woman who is beautiful and adult 's sexiness "Yuka" (35 years old) Married. My profession is a nurse. Beauty, married woman, and nurse! It's packed with points that can be soo! "Nurses are all erotic, are not you?" What a meaningful question you asked, "Everyone does not know about me, I do quite well ... lol" This is expected ♪ ♪ The reason for applying She said that she became shopping dependent from stress at work. If you notice that credit card usage is outrageous! Because I did not tell my husband anything, I thought that I managed to deal with my own power, he said that he applied for a shot TV. If you have sex with your husband once a month it is a lot more. Every day to masturbate with a toy secretly kept secret. Stress seems to be not just work! My husband wife Yuka is full of secrets in her husband. Voices, gestures, kisses and blowjobs are erotic ~ (* '艸 `)

美しくて大人の色気漂う女性”柚香”さん(35歳)既婚者。職業は看護師。美人、人妻、そして看護師!ソソられるポイント満載です!「看護師さんって、みんなエロいんですよね~?」なんて意地悪な質問をしてみると、「皆さんはどうかは知らないんですけど、私はけっこう…笑」これは期待♪♪応募理由は、仕事でのストレスから買い物依存症になってしまったという彼女。気が付けばクレジットカードの利用額がとんでもないことに!旦那には何も伝えていないので、なんとか自分の力で対処しようと思い、シロウトTVに応募したという。旦那とのセックスも月に1回あれば多い方。内緒で隠し持っているオモチャで自慰行為をする毎日。ストレスは仕事だけではないようです!旦那に隠し事だらけのスケベ人妻”柚香”さん。仕草も出す声もキスもフェラもエロエロ~( *´艸`)
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