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Sexy clothes and slenderness are like adults, but Chihiro who can tell a little from the face and talking way. He is working at an Italian restaurant where Italian chefs serve as authentic Italian chefs, and they look like a chef ... ... especially the lips are called "Che rosa labbra (its pink lip) · Chihiro". It seems that Italians often drink strong liquor, and it seems that chefs do not leak to many, but one day they were taken to the workplace behind him who was drunk of alcohol, and if they do not go well, it will be found by other employees It seems he did a horny man in a situation. Apparently it seems that it has woken up to M with a chance, and that I applied for this shoot was also interested in a play that is touched heavily. In fact, when I did spanking and ricking like shivering shame, she seemed to be forgotten to be in front of the camera. Not only the lips but also the slippery It is also a beautiful pink "Che rosa labbra e v ● gina · Chihiro" is blamed, feeling glad, you can be excited surely.

セクシーなお洋服やスレンダーさは大人っぽいが、顔立ちや喋り方からは、どちらかというと幼さが伺えるちひろさん。本場イタリア人がシェフを務めるイタリアンレストランで働いており、そのシェフに容姿……特に唇を気に入られ「Che rosa labbra(そのピンクの唇)・ちひろ」と呼ばれている。イタリア人は、よく強い酒を飲むそうで、シェフもご多分に漏れずだそうなのだが、ある日、酒に酔った彼に職場裏に連れて行かれ、下手したら他の従業員らに見つかりそうな状況の中で、エッチをしたそうだ。どうやらそれがきっかけでMに目覚めてしまったようで、今回の撮影に応募したのも、激しく責められるプレイに興味を持ち、とのことだ。実際、スパンキングや、羞恥心を煽るようなアナル舐めをしたところ、カメラ前であることも忘れて喜んでいるようだった。唇だけでなくつるつるなおま◯こもきれいなピンクだった「Che rosa labbra e v●gina・ちひろ」さんの責められて感じ喜ぶ姿、興奮できること間違いなしです。

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