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There is no man not attracted to boobs! Kazuo was not an exception, he was being taken away by the big tits of his mother Kaori. Eventually I had a relationship with Kaori, feeling guilty .... As if as a rice cake it was impossible to put up with soft tits in front of me. The impulsively extended hands rub the fragrance of Kaori. Mother and child will be asking for each other's body, also helping that my father is in office.

おっぱいに惹かれない男なんていない!和夫も例外ではなく、母・かおりの巨乳に心を奪われていた。ついにはかおりと関係を結んでしまい、罪悪感を抱いていたが…。まるで餅のように柔らかいおっぱいを目の前にすれば、我慢することなど出来るはずがなかった。衝動的に伸びた手が、かおりの爆乳を揉みしだく。父が単身赴任中ということも手伝って、母子はお互いの身体を求めていくようになってしまう…。 by Javfinder