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A blow for a boyfriend. When S class woman Yashino Tsubasa chan, who has a pretty waist body with Kirekawa face, blows out the selected jujubes releasing special zaibatsu with boneless erotec, it is released from Ji ● It takes a massive semen artillery with a gentle smile and reveals the mainstream of a striking facial cum shot that makes her face happy, saying, "Your face will get pregnant", which makes you feel happy in the face. Full-length shots omnibus.

会心の一撃。キレカワフェイスと抜群のくびれボディを持ち合わせているS級美女・八乃つばさチャンが、特濃ザーメンを放つ選抜された汁男達を、天性のエロテクで骨抜きにしていくと、チ●ポから放たれた大量ザーメン砲を優しい微笑みで受け止めて、「お顔が妊娠しちゃいます」と顔面で幸せを噛みしめる、イイ女を堕とす一撃顔射の本流を再提示する全編顔射オムニバス。 by Javfinder